Clean and stylish – washing window decorations at NeoPralnia

Windows are the eyes of the house. Through them you observe the world, enjoying peace and security. From the inside, on the other hand, they are one of the greatest assets of the space. They let in the best daylight for your health and, when properly arranged, protect your privacy as well as being a striking decoration. Curtains and drapes are an important part of a cosy interior, but only if they are kept clean and fresh.

Washing of curtains 7 PLN/m²
Washing of drapes 8 – 10 PLN/m²
Washing of double curtains 13 – 15 PLN/m²
Roller blind washing 15 PLN/m²
Removal/hanging of curtains and drapes 4 – 5 PLN/m²
Pairing of curtains and drapes at the customer’s premises 4 – 5 PLN/m²
Removal/reinstallation of roller shutters 50 – 100 PLN/pc.

Clean and cosy, just like at home – at Neopralnia we take care of every element of decoration

Your curtains and drapes are exposed to constant contact with dirt getting in from outside the window. It is not only dust that settles on them, but also grease, moisture and unpleasant odours. Keeping them in perfect condition for years to come is no small challenge, so enlist the help of specialists. Don’t worry any more about whether you’re doing your window decoration treatments correctly. Professional washing and cleaning of curtains at Neopralnia will prevent them from discolouring, losing their colour intensity, greying or yellowing.

We clean, among other things:

  • panel curtains;
  • curtains on braces or castors;
  • decorative wool and satin curtains;
  • velvet, velvet curtains;
  • smooth marquisette;
  • roman blinds;
  • decorative outdoor curtains with synthetic fibres;
  • curtains in natural and mixed fabrics.

Washing window decorations at NeoPralnia for you and your home

Professional laundering of curtains and drapes in Warsaw’s NeoPralnia makes housekeeping easier, saves time and money. We refresh models in a wide variety of colours, straight or moulded, plain and decorated in a fabric-safe way. We use specially selected washing agents for this purpose. The cleaning process takes place in innovative, certified top-of-the-range equipment. They guarantee that the properties of the materials are protected, and the special programmes installed for washing delicate or very demanding fabrics eliminate the risk of damage, deformation or fading of curtains and drapes.

At NeoPralnia we carry out complex assignments that include:

  • removing, securing and preparing materials for transport;
  • professional laundry service in appropriately selected programmes and thermal conditions;
  • thorough drying in a way that is safe for any type of fabric;
  • finishing care and maintenance, including gentle ironing and shaping;
  • re-fitting of curtains and drapes as well as Roman blinds and additional pairing after hanging.

Ensure the window arrangements in your home, office or rental flat are strikingly bright, fresh and most effectively maintained. Order the service: NeoPralnia laundry on the phone and turn the onerous chore of washing decorations and fabric care into the exclusive pleasure of admiring them.

We offer:

Washing of curtains and fine decorations

Washing of drapes

Cleaning of Roman blinds