Carpet washing at NeoPralnia – so clean and fluffy you’ll want to walk on them barefoot

Regular cleaning of carpets, rugs or fabric mats covering a cool floor requires time, the right equipment and the right detergents. Experimenting with refreshing such demanding textiles can damage their structure and bristles to the point that they lose their softness, elasticity, lustre and even colour. Don’t risk your favourite carpet turning into a stiff, colourless piece of material!

A perfectly clean carpet – decoration in your home, luxury for your feet

Professional carpet cleaning and laundering at NeoPralnia is a complex process that not only removes tough stains, dirt that penetrates into the pile, sand and dust, but also unpleasant odours and embedded allergens. With our help, your home decoration will gain an impeccable appearance and provide you with greater comfort on a daily basis.

Carpet cleaning:

  • single-colour and patterned;
  • with short and longer bristles;
  • of any shape;
  • nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, viscose and wool.

We treat each product with the attention it deserves. We select the best washing agents and cleaning technique for the model and material. We are one of the few laundries in Warsaw that uses the deep water washing method. It allows the hair to be cleaned from underneath and along its entire length without disturbing its continuity and structure.


Carpet cleaning at NeoPralnia – find out the stages of our work

Cleaning your carpets at the professional dry cleaner NeoPralnia will save you time and nerves. We provide a telephone laundry service so you don’t have to worry about transporting your carpet or picking it up. In addition, no more worrying about whether domestic cleaning will cause micro-damage and consequently damage your favourite decoration.

At NeoPralnia, we care about the end result at every stage of washing your carpet:

  • the transport of textiles takes place after they have been secured in advance;
  • we start by thoroughly shaking out the pile of loose, water-resistant dirt;
  • carry out preliminary spraying and distribution of the dissolving preparation;
  • proceed to the soaking and brushing stage, as required by the fabric;
  • we rinse off the dirt and cleaning agents using plenty of water;
  • we adapt the degree and mode of special spinning and drying to the requirements of the material.

Our specialists ensure that your carpet is back on the floor clean, made up and smelling fresh in the shortest possible time.


Professional carpet cleaning – cleanliness you can feel with every sense of the word

Classic carpets with simple designs, natural pile models and those made of unusual material – these and other textiles, used in both private and open spaces, are highly susceptible to damage. You walk around in slippers, shoes with wooden, rubber, smooth or perforated soles, heels and stilettos. Professionally laundered in the NeoPralnia, your carpet will acquire a fresh look, shine and intensely saturated colours, as well as a soft and pleasant-to-touch texture – so fluffy that you will want to walk on it only barefoot.

NeoPralnia also offers a ‘Carpet washing with collection’ service. We are able to collect the carpet on request with our own transport. This is a major advantage, as it can be logistically difficult to bring a carpet to our facility. This is why we have ensured that our service is fully comprehensive and performed to the highest standard. We provide free transport for the service above PLN 200! within Ursynów, Mokotów and Wilanów districts – below this amount, we charge PLN 30 for the service and transport. For other districts we charge 40-50 PLN for collection and delivery.. Cleaning and washing carpets has never been easier.