Ecological NeoPralnia – it couldn’t be any cleaner

Many types of dirt are difficult to remove at home. Wine stains on a favourite dress, traces of de-icing agent applied by a dog’s paw on a satin bedspread or unsightly cosmetic stains on a suit shirt are an extreme challenge. The ways that have been passed down from generation to generation, although considered effective, can damage the fabric once and for all. If you are looking to maintain the perfect condition of your everyday, work, casual and business clothing or to visibly refresh your decorative textiles, use the services of a specialist laundry.


NeoPralnia – modern cleaning and care at a premium level

The NeoPralnia is where we clean, dry and care for each fabric according to its requirements. We take conscientious care to ensure that your clothes, decorations and accessories regain their fresh appearance and that their texture, colour and fabric properties are best protected during both water-based and eco-friendly dry-cleaning processes. You can pick up your finished order in person in Warsaw’s Ursynów district, at the NeoPralnia Wilanów branch or by using delivery to an address of your choice.

Select the core services you are interested in from our regular range:

  • dry-cleaning of garments;
  • Lagoon System eco-friendly washing and ironing;
  • washing and mangling of bed linen;
  • deep-cleaning carpets;
  • cleaning of leather and natural fur;
  • washing of curtains, drapes and Roman blinds;


Clean, fresh, ecological at NeoPralnia Warsaw

At NeoPralnia, we not only restore the impeccable appearance of the materials entrusted to us, but also take a conscious approach to our shared, ecological needs. We rely on innovative technologies, organic and anti-allergenic cleaning agents, and choose the most effective but also safe solvents for the good of the environment. Dry-cleaning processes only take place from a closed loop. Electricity consumption is minimised, thanks to multi-stage care occurring in a single cycle and lower temperatures. We show concern for what is important to you and to us. At NeoPralnia we are eco-friendly not just in name!


With the environment in mind, we use an eco-friendly ‘dry cleaning’ method for the highest quality and safety of the garment.


Give us a call and book a laundry service over the phone. We will come to collect your laundry at the time and place you specify.


For those living a fast-paced life who have neither the time nor the inclination, we offer an ironing service for shirts.


We offer professional carpet washing, taking into account the types of fabric they are made of to ensure they last longer.

Opinions about our laundry in Warsaw

Laundry Warsaw – Neopralnia – Questions and answers

Why, if Laundry Warsaw is the NeoPralnia?

We have been offering comprehensive laundry services in Warsaw for a long time. We only use effective and safe cleaning products. When you hand over a delicate dress or heavily soiled work clothes to us, you can be sure that you will receive clean, smelling clothes. We will get rid of any stain and restore any fabric to its former appearance!

Do you offer laundry on the phone Warsaw?

Of course. This is one of our customers’ favourite services. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us you are ordering a telephone laundry service. We will send our driver to collect your dirty clothes from you. Once we’ve dealt with the stains – we’ll return your laundry and deliver it to the address you specify.

Is dry cleaning Warsaw safe?

We believe that dry cleaning is one of the most effective, and certainly safest, methods for removing even the most stubborn stains. We guarantee that our dry cleaning will be completely safe even for your delicate dresses.

Ursynów laundry - where is your premises?

We are a very popular laundry in Ursynów. The head office of our laundry is at 1 Pod Lipą Street/loc. 12U. We welcome anyone who needs their clothes, curtains, duvets or carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Wilanów laundry - where is your premises?

We are a very popular laundry in Wilanów. The headquarters of our laundromat is at 18 Oś Królewska Street. We welcome anyone who needs their clothes, curtains, duvets or carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Laundry Warsaw - what makes you different from the competition?

Our laundries in Warsaw are ideally located. You can find us in Ursynów ul. Pod Lipą 1 and at 18 Oś Królewska. Getting to our laundries is extremely easy. On top of this, we provide the highest quality chemicals. They are safe yet effective – not available for purchase on the Polish market. What distinguishes us most is our price, which is extremely low. We also offer discounts on children’s clothes and discounts for regular customers.

Do you wash wedding dresses at your laundry in Warsaw?

Yes, when the wedding season comes around we have a lot of orders for wedding dresses to be washed. We recognise that often buying a wedding dress is a large, one-off cost, which is why many women choose to rent a dress. Such a dress is always washed and, if necessary, ironed in our laundry in Warsaw. We assure you that our professional agents are completely safe for even the most delicate materials in wedding dresses.

How long should I wait for my laundry to be washed in Warsaw at NeoPralnia?

The lead time depends on several factors. If we currently have a large number of orders from a hotel, for example, then the ordering time may increase. As a professional laundry Warsaw, our services are always delivered on time. Most of our laundry services are completed within 48h.

Is it true that washing duvets and pillows affects the quality of sleep?

Of course. This is confirmed not only by research but also by our customers. We often receive information that washing duvets and pillows in our laundry Warsaw often transforms their sleep quality. Washing pillows and duvets removes not only dust but also dust mites and any bacteria and viruses. It is worth convincing yourself and having us wash your duvets and pillows and then enjoy clean bedding and a healthy night’s sleep.

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