Modern dry-cleaning – for the quality of materials

Traditional cleaning processes for delicate garments and products requiring greater care, among others. decorative textiles, ensure that their excellent quality is maintained. Modern dry-cleaning, which is safe for the fabric, is not at all like the techniques of the past, which were deeply detrimental to the properties of the fabric – it preserves the durability of the structure as well as the appearance. At NeoPralnia, we use new technologies that make it possible to dry-clean not only thick seasonal coats, jumpers, jackets or business clothes, but also formal clothes with subtle embellishments or silk dresses.

Innovative forms of chemical cleaning

At the NeoPralnia in Warsaw, you will chemically clean your favourite business clothes, outfits, seasonal clothing and decorations in a rapid, reliable and safe manner. We use modern closed-circuit units for dry cleaning and special solvents, including silicone-based, tailored to the nature of the fabric and its specific requirements.

Our aim is to put clean, fragrant, even softer to the touch materials in your hands, such as:

  • silk;
  • cashmere;
  • wool and premium wool;
  • viscose;
  • leather or fur.


Dry cleaning at NeoPralnia – we care about quality and ecology

The delicate structure of many items of clothing or decorative textiles requires care that does not harm the structure, does not disturb its continuity and eliminates the risk of deformation or discolouration. Innovative chemical cleaning processes take place in hermetic washing and drying units, under the action of specially selected solvents. No emission of harmful fumes, low energy consumption, optimum washing and drying times for clothes and delicate products make dry cleaning in the NeoPralnia an eco-friendly technology.

Learn about the stages of dry cleaning at NeoPralnia:

  • selection of products for use in dry cleaning;
  • product protection and maintenance;
  • safe, pre-staining;
  • thorough cleaning and refreshing;
  • ironing and finishing operations;
  • wrapped in protective film for safe collection.

If you are looking for a way to remove stubborn stains in a less aggressive, yet extremely effective way, use our offer. Opt for the traditional dry cleaning method in a modern form that is environmentally and fabric-friendly. Things washed this way will stay with you for longer.