Ironing clothes in NeoPralnia – we take professional care of your clothes

Proper and responsible care of clothes helps to preserve their quality and durability for longer. At the same time, it is a step towards increased environmental awareness and an active effort to improve the environment.

Every properly adjusted washing programme, skilful drying and ironing of shirts and other garments means greater savings in energy, water and emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Save your time and, in the process, nurture not only your clothes but also your good habits. Choose to have your clothes ironed at NeoPralnia and be assured that your clothes will always be perfectly clean and ready to wear.

Care of everyday clothing – ironing of shirts, trousers and jackets

Mistakes due to lack of time for proper care result in a deterioration of the visual condition of the garment. The fact that a garment has been put into the wardrobe without being ironed and folded aesthetically is apparent at first glance. However, not everyone has the time, let alone the inclination, to devote their spare time to additional duties.

At NeoPralnia, we carry out comprehensive washing, drying, shaping and ironing of clothes worn on a daily basis: for work, formal meetings, going out with friends or cultural events. We focus on the details to maximise the longevity of both casual and business outfits. We segregate them according to their composition, special care requirements and properties that are responsible for unique sensory experiences.


Ironing premium garments – care at a higher level

Do you know how the labels on clothes indicate the correct care measures for the fabric? With NeoPralnia’s ironing service, you don’t have to worry about whether you have interpreted the markings correctly and whether, for example, the Your iron allows you to regulate the temperature quite dynamically. Forget about a Saturday spent standing at the ironing board for hours on end and a pile of clothes growing in the corner still waiting their turn.

At NeoPralnia, we prepare everyday, business and evening wear from the highest quality fabrics for re-wear every day. We responsibly subject them to the optimum temperature to achieve the required form and smoothness of the surface without folds, thickening along seams and darts. Depending on the type of fibre, we perform wet or dry ironing, further protecting your shirts, suit or dress from unwanted shine.


Eco-friendly washing and ironing of clothes – proper care makes a world of difference

Adapting the temperature and ironing time of shirts, trousers, jackets, dresses, overalls and many other garments to the characteristics of the fabric, reduces the energy intensity of the entire process to a minimum. We are aware of the value of your clothes, and that every properly carried out care allows us to better care for a common good – our planet.

We wash and iron, among other things:

  • jackets and suits in wool, cotton, etc,
  • casual wear, dresses, shirts in silk, cashmere and linen,
  • garments made of mixed and synthetic fibres.

Professional laundering and ironing of clothes protects your garments from the effects of intensive use and makes them less prone to creasing, e.g. when travelling. Take care of your image while forgetting what unsightly washed-out fabrics are – use the telephone laundry service at NeoPralnia in Warsaw and focus on what is really worth spending your time on. We will take care of the rest.

We offer:

Ironing shirts