Wedding and evening dress care – their unique beauty must be skilfully cared for

An evening gown is a second skin in which you not only can, but must, feel special. It’s meant to accentuate all your assets, adding glamour and extraordinary class. Its wedding edition is even more impactful on the senses. A wedding dress is a creation that evokes memories even years later, and being able to keep it or pass it on to the next lucky bride makes it truly special.

Because of how much of an art it is to design and sew both of these creations, they require advanced care. To get your wedding and evening gowns washed with stunning results, use the professional cleaning services at NeoPralnia. You will retain all the qualities of the fabric and the shape given to it. You will also protect artistic details from damage due to care errors. Let the specialists take care of what is really important to you.

Premium cleaning of evening and wedding dresses – your creation is safe with us

Have you ever felt draining anxiety after returning your beloved dress to the cleaners? The stress of how the dry cleaners will look after your precious wardrobe is perfectly normal. Particularly when you are unsure of the quality of the service. At NeoPralnia, since the day it opened, we have been concerned to ensure that each of our services is premium in more than just a name. We accept individually designed creations for cleaning, from under the needles and threads of well-known brands and the names of prominent designers with full responsibility, because we know exactly how to take care of their unique qualities.

You can leave with us a dress made of:

  • lightweight chiffon,
  • tulle of any kind (shermezy, veil, muslin or silk),
  • shiny satin,
  • lace,
  • organza,
  • silk micado,
  • smooth muslin,
  • structural crepe,
  • jacquard,

and many other fabrics in a variety of forms, structures and weaves.

During the carefully selected cleaning and drying processes at NeoPralnia, we take care not only of the main fabric, but also of the petticoat, train, decorative elements and fastenings: zips, corset ties or hemmed, small buttons. We now use the safest Lagoon system, whose technology allows even the most stubborn dirt to be eliminated gently for the fabrics and the environment.


Washing your wedding dress at NeoPralnia – we remove difficult stains from the most delicate fabrics

Despite great care for these precious creations, both wedding and evening gowns are subject to dangerous, difficult-to-remove stains when worn. While it may not be easy to repair the abrasions, stains or wrinkles caused by the ballroom atmosphere, even large stains from mud, make-up, shoe polish or spilt wine can be skilfully removed.

At the NeoPralnia eco-friendly dry cleaner, we individually select the washing processes and effective detergents for each gown and its materials. Before the creation undergoes cleaning, our experienced specialists assess its construction, the way in which the decorative applications are attached, as well as the fastening systems used. All of this is to ensure that, once washed and freshened, your dress looks exactly as it did on the first day after the fitting when you took it out shiny and fragrant from its elegant box.

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